Coal and beer

Black and yellow are the colors that dominate 
the city of Dortmund. Flowers on grandma's balcony,
flags in car windows and dogs with scarfs represent people's love for Borussia Dortmund.
On matchday the whole city turns into a big family. 
25,000 fanatic supporters on the so called
'yellow wall' form the heart of their club every
fourteen days when eleven players on the pitch
fight for three points. In Dortmund there's only
one real love.

Outside the box

A pair of stones and an empty can are sufficient
for the most beautiful game this planet provides. From dusty schoolyards to the biggest stadiums like Wembley, football connects the poor with the rich,
the young with the old, 
the black with the white.
What counts is the game, not your confession,
not where you come from and not what you think.